Jomon world: Exploring Ancient Niigata culture

LIMITED TIME ONLY! Travel through eternal history! Jomon culture is said to have had diverse regional characteristics. You can experience the eternal history from the Jomon period to the present day by touching the relics that show the unique lifestyle and culture of the area. Let’s go on a “journey” to experience the diversity of Jomon culture by visiting Tokamachi, which is a sacred place for flame-type pottery, and Murakami, with a culinary culture that dates back to the Jomon period. Tour 1 Tokamachi / Tsunan Tour 2 Murakami / Tainai 8:30 Meeting at Niigata Station 10:15 Tokamachi City Museum 11:25 Sasayama Jomon no Sato 12:30 Lunch at Kojimaya 13:50 … Continue reading Jomon world: Exploring Ancient Niigata culture