Niigata Tourism Ambassadors

We want to gather a community of people who love Niigata and want to share Niigata’s beauty, artistry, history, and culture.

To kick start the project, we need your help!

Want to become an Ambassador?

It is very easy! You need to do the following:

  • Live in Niigata and have the desire to share your experience with your friends, family, and the world
  • Join one of the four OPTIONS (1 tour and 1 workshop)
  • Become part of the Facebook Group dedicated to this project
  • Be ready to promote Niigata during the tour through your own social media
  • Help create unique content that will promote Niigata to the world.
  • Answer surveys about your experience.

Those who participate in this project will become Niigata Tourism Ambassadors, with unique credentials to prove it!

Live and Love Niigata:

Social media has become a great way to share your life with family and friends abroad. We are looking for participants who have at least one active social media account. (Please include a URL to your social media account in the *Other* section of the registration form)

Since the project has long-term plans, we hope to attract people who will be staying in Niigata for at least some time and who would continue to spread the charm of Niigata even after this phase of the project ends.

Monitor tours and Workshops: 

Monitor tours aim to showcase some of the unique characteristics of the area and provide a chance to create a bond between participants.

Workshops will include discussions on the appeal of the area, advice about information dissemination (photography, videography, media marketing), and foundation of community formation.

Ideally, we would like each person to participate in only 1 of the following OPTIONS. When you consider your participation, please note the date of both the tour and the workshop (participation in both is a requirement).

Tour Workshop Available
OPTION 1: Sado – Explore unique culture and history of Sado Island from it’s centuries old Gold Mine, to the ancient dances and music.
(Meeting at Sado Kisen in Niigata City)Application deadline: 10/07


(Sado Kisen)
OPTION 2: Joetsu – Hike part of the nearly 200km Shin-estu Trail and learn not only about the flora and fauna along the way, but also about the care and time that local volunteers donate to maintain the natural beauty of the area.

Application deadline: 10/21

10/29 11/03
(Nagaoka City)


OPTION 3: Niigata – Learn about Niigata’s history, architecture, and culture. Watching traditional performances and getting your own hands dirty, while learning to make sushi. Have an unforgettable experience in the Glass capital of Niigata City.

Application deadline: 11/25

12/03 12/10

(Niigata City)

OPTION 4: Tsubame-Sanjo – Tsubame-Sanjo is world famous for its fine crafts. Of course, just learning these histories is not enough. To truly understand and love traditional crafts, you have to experience them!

Application deadline: 01/23/2023

2023/1/28 2023/2/11


Recruitment open

※These are not first-come-first-serve. Preference will be given to those local to the area that the tour is being held and also to those that show the most passion and compatibility to this project.

What will be covered by us: All costs during the tour (transportation, meals, hotels (when applicable), activities, and guide fees); All costs during the workshops (room fees, facilitator fees, material fees)

What will be covered by you: Transportation costs before/after the tour, alcohol/additional drink orders during meals; Transportation costs to/from the workshop

When registering please indicate which OPTION Number you would like to join in the *Date* section.

Facebook Group:

As part of this project we will create a group on Facebook to foster a sense of community and enable communication. The goal of the group would be to promote Niigata and to connect foreigners living in Niigata with Niigata business. We would hope and encourage ambassadors to take an active role in the community!

After participating in one of the tours, ambassadors are expected to join.

Promote Niigata Through Social Media:

All participants will be asked to make at least two posts / stories during the tour on their own social media.

After the workshop (within the week) participants will be asked to make another post/video/reel about the tour (this time stories are not acceptable).

Create unique content:

Participants will be also asked to create one of the following:

Option 1: Article. Write a unique article (a topic related to the tour will be provided; length 500-1000 words) about the history, culture, or your experience. The article should be submitted within a month after the tour (the article will be published on Niigata Prefecture Tourism Page).

Option 2: Video. During the tour take footage with a topic in mind and create a video (yourself or with a help of a professional video editor that we will provide). Regardless of the method, the final video must be submitted within a month of the tour. The video will be uploaded to Niigata Prefecture tourism YouTube channel (and possibly Edge of Niigata’s YouTube channel).

Our ideal balance would be 3 articles and 2 videos for each tour. The topics and media methods will be discussed ahead of time during a ZOOM meeting about 4-5 days before the tour (ideally, we would like to gather all the participants. Therefore, once the participants are decided, preferred dates/times will be sent out).

Niigata Tourism Ambassadors


As usual after our tours, there will be a survey to hear your feedback and opinions on the content.

Additionally, a month after the tour, we will send out a second survey to find out how you feel about other aspects of this project (Information dissemination, workshops, etc).


To ensure that everyone has read and understood the participation conditions for this project, after receiving your applications, we will send you a link to a quiz.


Tour Information

  • Availability
    ① T : 10/15-16 W : 10/16 ② T : 10/29 W : 11/03 ③ T : 12/03 W : 12/10 ④ T : 1/28 W : 2/11
  • Fee
    Free for those who meet the conditions

Reservation form

    Reservation inquiry
    Tour Niigata Tourism Ambassadors
    Date (mm/dd/yyyy)* Please note, your desired date may not be available.
    Number of participants*
    What country are you from?*
    Have you visited Niigata before?*
    Please provide information where applicable.
    • Allergies
    • Dietary restrictions
    • Other
    Terms of service

    【Identity Confirmation】
    After receiving your reservation request, we will confirm availability and contact you via e-mail with further details. Please bring your passport or another form of identification in order to confirm your name and age at the time of your reservation.

    We offer two payment options:
    1. Advance PayPay transfer (5% discount if the funds are transferred 12 hours before the tour time)
    2. Cash or PayPay at the meeting place.

    The tour will be held, regardless of the weather. In the unlikely event of a natural disaster or cancellation of the tour, you will be contacted by e-mail.
    Please notify us of your cancellation at least 12 hours before the tour start time.

    【Personal information】
    The personal information you provided here is confidential and will not be used for any purposes other than booking this tour. We will not disclose any of your personal information to third parties.

    Photographs may be taken during the tour for PR purposes. We will confirm with you before posting anything on Social Media or using for any other purpose.