Joshua Furr

Even though Joshua Furr is from North Carolina (home of bluegrass, flight and Pepsi), he prefers a life outside the U.S. Currently you’ll find him in Warsaw, Poland. He has a beautiful wife and two sons, all whom he forces to listen to Japan-based conversation and 80s music. Around lunch, he dreams about eating gyudon at Sukiya. When he’s not spending time with his family, he’s writing, teaching or tinkering with Adobe software. Articles: Shades of Niigata or “How to enjoy lunch and defeat racism with yakisoba” Making the Grade: A vs. B-class gourmet in Niigata Deep Roots of Niigata’s Gem – Koshihikari Snowy Turrets of Takada Exploring Joetsu: Ame … Continue reading Joshua Furr