Niigata is one of Japan’s most secluded regions

To come across Niigata’s nature, history, culture, and people is getting to know Japan itself.

From north to south, Niigata Prefecture is long as well as it’s coastline is 330.9km(205.61 miles), and each region has it’s own characteristic, history, culture, and domestic product that it’s known for. Niigata Prefecture is one of Japan’s leading heavy snowfall areas, and is known for the novel “Yuki Guni” (Snow Country) and it’s ski resorts.There are many well-known hot springs, and while looking out at superb views of nature and snowy landscapes, you can enjoy yourself to fine dining, hot springs, and high grade sake. It is also the birthplace of Nishikigoi, which has attracted attention from all over the world in recent years.

Niigata Prefecture’s Nature

Niigata is a prefecture in Japan where you can enjoy the passing and beautiful transition of four seasons. Enjoy Spring cherry blossoms, Summer bathing in the sea, Fall leaves, Winter’s sports in Niigata’s beautiful nature. We’re waiting for you to come and enjoy fine rice wine and fine cuisine.

Niigata Events

In Niigata Prefecture there are many representative events and festivals.
In the Spring, there is the One Million Cherry Blossoms viewing party at Takada Castle, one of Japan’s Top Three Night Cherry Blossoms locations. In the Summer, there is the Nagaoka Fireworks Display, one of Japan’s Top Three Fireworks Displays. In the Fall, the Autumn Leaves Light Up displays. In the Winter, the Tōkamachi Snow Festival, and more. There is an abundance of events unique to Niigata and unique to Japan.

Enjoy Niigata


When you say sushi, think Niigata!
Japan’s most delicious rice made by fresh snow-melted water, and fresh fish that has been plumped by the rough seas of the Sea of Japan, Niigata’s sushi can not only be enjoyed by Japanese but by people from all over the world.

Japanese Sake

When you say Japanese Rice Wine, think Niigata!
As with rice, high quality melted-snow water is used as brewing water, making a fruity, fragrant, and high-grained type of sake. Niigata’s sake making is done with extremely high-quality rice and water, and we value quality over quantity. There are more than 80 breweries in the vast and fertile land of Niigata Prefecture. It boasts the highest number of sake breweries in Japan and makes sake that matches the climate and topography of each region. Please enjoy a wide variety of Niigata sake.

Winter sports

When you say Winter, think Niigata!
Nobel Prize Winning literature “Snow Country” by Yasunori Kawabata, takes place in ski resort area Yuzawa.The first sentence in the novel, “It was a snowy country after passing through a tunnel with a long border,” is famous, but actually, if you ride the bullet train from Tokyo for about 70 minutes, you will literally imagine. yourself coming to a foreign country called, “snow country”. From the North to the South of Niigata Prefecture, the mountains range from 1,000 to 2,000 meters altitude, and you can enjoy winter sports at ski resorts at over 50 locations. Whether a family trip, a business trip, or just someone who has never seen snow before, you’re sure to enjoy it 120%.