• Company Name
  • Established
  • Management Team CEO
    TANAKA, Koyu
  • Line of Business
    Travel Service
  • Address
    1-494-3 Higashibori-dori, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata, 951-8065, Japan


“Everything we do, we do for Niigata.”
EDGE OF NIIGATA strives to create a Niigata that everyone around the world would want to visit and after never want to leave. We work to contribute to the globalization of Niigata and integrate entertainment with history, culture, and deep-rooted traditions.

Our goal is to create a Niigata which gathers interesting people from all around the world.


Guide staff

[Left - Junya Abe; Right - Jenya Yuss]

Project Manager, Junya ABE(阿部淳耶)
“Niigata, where I was born and raised, is surrounded by harbors, seas, mountains, and countryside. It is a very rare city in Japan where nature and city coexist in beautiful harmony. Niigata is an attraction that is attend from all around the world as an epicenter for food and rice wine. Special memories that will last a lifetime are waiting for you in Niigata. I look forward to having you. See you soon!”

Jenya Yuss (ユス・エブジェニア)
“I came to Niigata in 2017 and I completely fell in love with it. The natural beauty of Niigata is unparalleled by any place I have ever been to. I cannot imagine living anywhere else. Farther more, I would love to share my love and appreciation of Niigata with anyone who is open to experiencing something truly extraordinary. Come to Niigata and start your journey with us. You will not be sorry!"