Who are Niigata Tourism Ambassadors?

  • A community of locals, who want to share Niigata with the world
  • Participants are all part of a private Facebook Group to make communication easier

What do they do?

  • Post on their personal social media about their life in Niigata (at least 2 posts every month, which include #ourniigata and at least a 2 sentence caption to each post)
  • Try out new tour courses and experiences
  • Share their opinion and perspective with local businesses and governments

Why is this important?

  • Word of mouth promotion is very important. Most people go to their friends for travel advice
  • International perspective is indispensable when creating new content or trying to attract international travellers

How to join?

  • Fill out the application form.
  • Wait to be added as a friend on Facebook by our staff member
  • Join the Facebook group
  • Start sharing!

※Please note, all communication for this project is Facebook-based, so please check in the group regularly to not miss any updates.