Japanese Pub Hopping Tour

March through the quaint town of Furumachi, and a place where you can get your fill of Japanese food culture. At the beginning of the Showa-period, Fu...


Japanese Sake Tasting Lecture

Would you like to learn the fundamentals of genuine Japanese sake in Niigata? By learning about sake, you can experience Japanese history, customs, an...



To everyone who is thinking about learning more about Japanese cuisine and rice wine, or who want to make friends in Japan.
Would you like to make those things a reality with EDGE OF NIIGATA?
Japanese Sake Tasting Lecture and Japanese Pubs Hopping Tour are currently being prepared.
The charming towns and warm people of Niigata are waiting for you.

About Niigata

Port Town Niigata city is a beautiful city surrounded by a grand sea, vast cultivation fields, and Japan’s largest river the Shinano River.
Niigata continues to attract people from all over the world as well as Japanese as a center for food and sake.
Niigata was opened in 927 C.E. to transport tributes to Kyoto, and in 1672 it developed as an important port town that transported rice to Osaka and Tokyo. In 1869, Niigata Port opened five ports and became an international city open to the world, and played a valuable role for the development of Japan and the world.

About Niigata



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