Niigata prefecture is a beautiful place full of unique customs, breathtaking natural beauty, intriguing history, and traditional crafts. Throughout 2022, the Ambassadors have travelled around the prefecture and visited both popular and completely obscure sights. The trip reports from the journeys are both entertaining and informative.

SADO ISLAND – The land of Untouched traditions

Salt and Love are in the air at Meotoiwa on Sado Island By: Elizabeth Watson

Discovering the dance and tradition of Onidaiko By Maryanne Tsuchida

A Mine to Remember By: Luke Fosterling


JOETSU AREA – Breathtaking Nature

Mesmerising Myoko: The beauty of the four seasons By Sai Shidhaye

Exploring Myoko: Autumn By Chuta Kooanantkul

Exploring Myoko: Shin-Etsu trail By Jing Cheinhui (Jessie)

NIIGATA CITY – Unforgettable history



Niigata City: Living it up like a merchant from yesteryear By Juno Valerio

Niitsu, Then and Now: A Peek into Niigata’s Countryside By Zac Carr


TSUBAME-SANJO – traditional craftsmanship meets modern industriousness

A Touch of Copper from Tsubame By Sarah Wilkowske

From Nails to Knives – Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata By Katelyn DePalmer

Eating Your Way Around Tsubame-Sanjo By Taylor Steed

※This is a Niigata Prefecture project.